Thinking About My Web Design Routine

What is your daily routine as a Web Designer? Do you have that routine written down? Is it the best routine that it could be?

I recently read a post entitled The Daily Routines of Famous Writers. I enjoyed Henry Miller’s quote the most:


If groggy, type notes and allocate, as stimulus.

If in fine fettle, write.


Work of section in hand, following plan of section scrupulously. No intrusions, no diversions. Write to finish one section at a time, for good and all.


See friends. Read in cafés.

Explore unfamiliar sections — on foot if wet, on bicycle if dry.

Write, if in mood, but only on Minor program.

Paint if empty or tired.

Make Notes. Make Charts, Plans. Make corrections of MS.

Note: Allow sufficient time during daylight to make an occasional visit to museums or an occasional sketch or an occasional bike ride. Sketch in cafés and trains and streets. Cut the movies! Library for references once a week.

It was refreshing to read about someone who understood their workflow so well; that they had it as optimized and as efficient as it could be. Henry Miller knew exactly what to do when he got in a “mood” and how to get out of it. He also knew what inspired him the most and what activities he could do to get inspiration.

It got me thinking about my own routine as a Web Designer. I do not have my routine written down but reading about these famous writer’s has inspired me to write my own. I’ll be drafting my routine and writing a post expounding on it. In the meantime, do you have your own optimized routine?

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