The Future

I cannot wait to get onto a real web host. StatiCloud is obviously nice since it’s free, easy to setup, free, and great for static sites (and free). But since starting this blog, I have a greater understanding of how crucial a CMS is.

A CMS or Content Management System (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) enables bloggers to easily produce content. A CMS usually has a built-in commenting system that requires no coding at all to setup unless you’d like to add some style with CSS. With a CMS, you can make a single blog post without having to manually move another post to another page since your first page is now too long and everything has consequently been ruined. And my favorite feature of a CMS: you can make one design change which then propagates to all other pages! Amazing! These are obviously just a few of the features that a CMS provides, but these are the ones that I think most pertain to blogging.

I enjoy having the control that I have over this blog, but even writing a simple blog post can take some time. I would rather focus on the content then coding every little element.

Don’t get me wrong – this blog has increased my knowledge of HTML and CSS greatly. I would recommend the way that I’ve learned to just about anybody starting out. But… WordPress is calling my name and I can’t wait to jump over.

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