A New Site

The first domain I bought was my previous site: andrewcodes.com. It started life as a static, HTML-and-CSS-only, one page, fixed-width site. And at that time, that first launch was glorious. It ​was very gratifying being able to release something to the Internet that I created. That first site started the ball rolling of my love of web design and creating for the web.​​

This new site is a little different from my first. It’s built responsive from mobile on up, it has a few pages (with more on the way), and it’s built on WordPress.​ ​This is a scratch built theme using a simple WordPress reset.​ It also combines my landing/portfolio page and my blog (which were separated before as a domain and subdomain, respectively)​ into one site. I spent a lot of time on the performance and load time of this version as you can see below:

The end-goal with this version, is to release it properly on GitHub as an open-source theme. It’s not at all ready as I still have more to learn about Git. But this public theme will be a chance to hone my WordPress and GitHub skills and build something that would be useful to other people.

Minimal Tasks and a Real Web Host

It took me awhile, but I now have a project entry on my Projects page! Minimal Tasks is a project I’ve been working on for the past few months. It’s a super-simple, no login required, task entry site. It uses the localStorage attribute currently in-use using HTML5. So your tasks are all stored in the browser – no need for a server-side database and no need for logins as well.

I originally got the idea while at work. I always had a Notepad window open or two just to jot down quick tasks or notes but all those windows got buried underneath everything else. Typically at the top of that window “pile” was Chrome, my main web browser. Since I always had that open and spent 90% of my day in Chrome, I wanted to add tasks in there as well. And that’s how Minimal Tasks started.

On to other news: this site is now officially hosted on a real web host! I’m still debating on whether to move to WordPress or not, but for now I’m happy. Expect some changes soon as I get used to the new space.

And yes, I changed the theme again.