Railtie Studio

My wife and I recently started a new project: Railtie Studio.

I had previously built sites for clients under my own name, but decided to make it official (and legit) by getting our business license. I also felt like having an official company name would make our business more appealing to other businesses and clients instead of just my name. So, Railtie Studio was born. We’re a custom web design studio that loves to build sites on the WordPress platform.

The Railtie site is a totally scratch-built theme that has an adaptive and responsive layout. And of course, it’s built on WordPress.

Railtie has been taking up all our spare time but it’s been really fun to have a project to work on together. My wife has been a huge help with design advice and talking through our business practices. Check out the site and let me know what you think!

Run Pace

Run Pace is my newly finished, super simple pace calculator site. Enter the data from your run (miles ran and the time you ran it in) and it will compute your average speed. I needed a site like this because I enter my average speed into the My Fitness Pal app which determines the calories I burned. However, I wanted a site that was visually minimalistic (in the same vein as my other side project, Minimal Tasks) and was really easy to use. There are a lot of pace calculator sites out there but I wanted one that was a lot more simple. Hopefully other people will find it useful as well!

Minimal Tasks Re-design

Moving to WordPress has giving me more time to work on a new re-design of Minimal Tasks which is definitely needed. I’m also cleaning up the code as well to make the actual size of the site as small as possible. Many thanks to Harold at Overcommitted for helping me out with my lack of design skills.

If you like and use Minimal Tasks, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail with any feedback you may have. Thanks!

Minimal Tasks and a Real Web Host

It took me awhile, but I now have a project entry on my Projects page! Minimal Tasks is a project I’ve been working on for the past few months. It’s a super-simple, no login required, task entry site. It uses the localStorage attribute currently in-use using HTML5. So your tasks are all stored in the browser – no need for a server-side database and no need for logins as well.

I originally got the idea while at work. I always had a Notepad window open or two just to jot down quick tasks or notes but all those windows got buried underneath everything else. Typically at the top of that window “pile” was Chrome, my main web browser. Since I always had that open and spent 90% of my day in Chrome, I wanted to add tasks in there as well. And that’s how Minimal Tasks started.

On to other news: this site is now officially hosted on a real web host! I’m still debating on whether to move to WordPress or not, but for now I’m happy. Expect some changes soon as I get used to the new space.

And yes, I changed the theme again.