Re-design Euphoria

A disclaimer: this post has been in my drafts since about version 3 of this site. I’ve added them up (including the designs that never made it) and I’ve created about 27 variations of this site. Yes, 27.

Creating a website design for someone like myself who is not particularly artistic, is a laborious, frustrating process. Yet at the end, I have something to show others for it. Code, at its core, is hidden. To view the code for this site, obviously you would right-click on a non-image part of the page, and click on “View page source”. Not too many non-developers are inclined to do that. So I’ve been spending more time on design then content, when it should be the opposite.

This more simplistic, minimal design took me about three total hours to make everything the way it is. My sister (an amazing print designer) could have designed this site in five minutes. And that’s giving her three minutes to sip on some coffee.

I’ve re-designed this site again to include just the basics. The goal is to stop trying to make this site look pretty and produce more content. Musings about development and finally adding items to my Projects/Portfolio page are on the way.

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