Moving Day

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about setting up my landing page. A “landing” or “personal-brand” page explains in a summary of who you are and what you do. I had thought about just setting up an “About” page link on my blog, but ended up moving my blog to and my landing page to the top domain

Moving WordPress

I’ve never created a sub-domain before or a landing page, so I wanted to jot down my steps on how I did that:

  1. I went to my cPanel on my host and setup a new subdomain, Just a few clicks and it was done.
  2. If you are using WordPress, you’ll definitely want to follow the Moving WordPress guide.
  3. The key points from the Moving WordPress guide are to change your Site Address and WordPress address before moving your actual site. If you don’t, you won’t be able to get into your Dashboard.
  4. After changing the URL’s, move the files and folders that hold everything related to WordPress to its new location. For me, that meant creating a folder called “blog” on my host and then moving the files and folders over (don’t forget to move index.php).
  5. And that’s about it! Once you’ve gone through the steps, you’ll need to wait a little while for your host to update all the changes. It took mine about five minutes.

After I walked through those steps, I was able to upload my landing page to my host and got it up and running with no problems.

Landing Page

I got a lot of inspiration (and the background) for my current landing page from one of John Saddington’s early designs. Check out his other designs as well to get a good idea of how to create your own or use one of his that he’s released.

Other great landing pages:

Phil Coffman

Michael Novotny

Jon Raasch

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