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Amazon Web Services — a practical guide ⇒

We’re currently migrating to AWS at my day job from our on-premise data center and this guide does an excellent job at explaining the core concepts of AWS.

macOS QuickLook for Markdown files ⇒

Via @philtoland.

Understanding /proc ⇒

Interesting read on what’s actually happening when a Linux process runs. Via @fredrb.

A Declining Trajectory ⇒

“Visual glitches. Bugs in functionality. Odd behaviour. Battery drain. The occasional but too-frequent hardware failure. Stuff we used to associate with that other company, expressing our derision at every opportunity.”

Matt Gemmell writing about what a lot of us Apple users are thinking on Apple’s decline.

Running Browsersync with a Simple WordPress Theme

I’m working on another simple WordPress theme and Browsersync provides a great way to automatically refresh your browser whenever a change is made. Usually you would include a sync tool in the build tool of your choice (Gulp, Grunt, etc.) but this also works by itself. Open your Terminal, install Browsersync (npm install -g browser-sync), cd into your theme directory, and paste this line in for it to “watch” your theme folder.

browser-sync start --proxy "" --files "*.*"

Note that you’ll need to update the proxy address with whatever your development address is. Since I’m using VVV in this case, mine is

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